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between nature and technology, amplifying both

Micro algae made the planet earth viable for humans 3.4 billion years ago by transforming the high in CO2 atmosphere into a highly oxygenated one.

Symbiont is a living structure that uses the same tools to purify the air in the indoor working spaces of our megacities.

The air we breathe in the places we live and work, is often 5 times more noxious than walking on the street. Prolonged exposure to high CO2  levels negatively affects our physical and mental state.

Through photosynthesis microalgae

consumes the carbon dioxide we exhale. As a by-product, they produce oxygen, essential to our well-being. 

SYMBIONT can purify the air of a 20m2, producing the same amount of oxygen as 36 house plants. 


SYMBIONT is a hybrid project that stands between science and design. Based on Biophilic Design Principles, the form enhances the natural function of the system, recreating the experience of being in nature. In a future where 90% of the population is going to live in urban centres, SYMBIONT offers a sustainable solution that paves the way towards an era of bioinspired systems.

Helen Hamlyn Award for Work Futures

Helen Hamlyn Award for Inclusive spaces

Featured in:

Reuters | Seeker |Imperial News

Exhibited at the Science Museum