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xHA is a tool that helps you learn

to maintain your focus during meditation.

Breathing is the only body function we can actively

control. It provides us with a unique opportunity to

influence our state of mind and mastering it through the

practice of meditation has shown to lead to numerous

cognitive and mental health benefits.

xHA senses when you lose focus during meditation and

gives you a gentle reminder to bring your attention back

to your practice by playing the audio of your own breath

in real-time. When you have resumed focus, the audio

disappears so you can focus on your natural breathing.


In this way, xHA guides you to develop the skill of using

your breath as a feedback cue towards a more effective

meditation practice.

The distinct sequence which is required to adjust the product on the body is a way to introduce a new ritual around meditation.


Rituals are known to increase involvement, a concept akin to intrinsic interest as well as mentally prepare the users for what comes next.


The intuitive technology of the product is also enhanced through the way the user interacts with it. The tactile details of xHA represent the gradual nature of breathing as well as a way for the user to make adjustments to the settings of the wearable using just the sense of touch.

The packaging of xHA is designed based on the Japanese concept of “poka-yoke”, meaning “inadvertent error prevention”.


The packaging has cut-outs that reveal the product gradually by indicating each part’s function in order to introduce gradually the user to the product.

Silver Prize European Product Design Award

Featured in:

czechdesign | WEARABLEbouncy

Project in collaboration with product designer Andrea Pisa